Private Guitar Lessons

Guitar is one of the most popular instruments to learn.  There are endless options out there if you are looking for group guitar classes or private guitar lessons.  But sifting through all of the online tutorials and individual guitar teachers can be overwhelming.  Luckily, Oregon Music Academy has a program that makes learning guitar easy. Learn more about guitar lessons in Portland, Tigard, and the surrounding area:

Portland Area Guitar Lessons

The Basics and Beyond

Beginning guitar lessons start with the basics:  learning how to hold the guitar, using the pick, reading notes, and keeping good rhythm.  If you are an intermediate or advanced guitarist, we will guide you through a lesson plan that is customized to your level.  You can choose to learn to play on an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or classical guitar. 

Getting Started with Guitar

One of the first steps to starting guitar lessons is to buy a guitar. The biggest consideration when choosing a guitar is getting a size that fits you.  Intermediate and advanced guitarists will also want to consider what styles of music you want to play.  For folk and country, an acoustic guitar works well.  For rock and metal, you’ll want to consider an electric guitar.  For classical, spanish, flamenco, you’ll want to get a classical guitar.  Once you choose your guitar, you are ready to start. 

Certified Guitar Teachers

Our certified guitar teachers and age appropriate private guitar classes will guide you toward reaching your unique goals and potential.  If you’re ready to take the next step, contact us. We’ll review your goals, determine your current level, and help you get started with guitar lessons.