Guitar Lessons in Portland

Our guitar lessons in Portland, Oregon are perfect for ages 5 through adult. At Oregon Music Academy, guitar lessons cover any style that you would like to play. You’ll find that our guitar teachers are caring, patient, and professional. We can help you find an instrument that will work for you if you are looking into purchasing or renting an instrument. When you’re ready to learn more about OMA and starting guitar lessons in Portland, click here to get started.

OMA has the most comprehensive guitar study program in the Portland, OR area. Guitar students will not only learn how to play the guitar, but will learn how to read music as well. Reading music notation allows students to have a broad musical foundation and understanding. Students often develop better rhythm when they know how to read musical notation instead of just tablature. The language of music opens up opportunities beyond strumming a few chords on guitar.

Portland Guitar Teachers

There is a wide variety of skill levels and personalities among guitar teachers in Portland. Oregon Music Academy is the only school where guitar instructors are certified. We complete background checks on all of our staff to ensure your family’s safety. Our teachers are not only fantastic guitarists, but they receive ongoing training in the field of teaching. Our team meets every week to go over your child’s progress and ensure everything is on track toward reaching your goals. Ready to find a great guitar teacher in the Portland area? Get started here.