Music Teachers that ROCK!

Did you know there are thousands of music teachers around the Portland area? 

How do we know?

Over 1104 musicians have applied to teach at Oregon Music Academy!
The few that make it through our selection process are a rare and special bunch

(Don't believe us? Check out the 200+ reviews and videos from parents and students.)

Here's why...

It's no accident our teachers are awesome.

Every one of our music instructors have passed our proprietary teacher selection process and certification. Our teacher recruiting, hiring, and training programs are more thorough than any online music directory, private academy, music studio, and even most public schools. 

If you're looking for a music instructor in Tigard, Tualatin, Portland, Beaverton, Sherwood or the surrounding area, you can be sure that your music coach at OMA is the best fit for you. 

Your Backstage Pass:

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we find music teachers you'll love...

Auditioned for Music Knowledge & Skills

It makes sense that your music teacher should have knowledge in music and playing their instrument. That’s why every teacher we hire comes into our facility for a music audition with our staff.

It’s odd that many music studios don’t audition their teachers. Even more startling is that during this phase of our hiring we’ve eliminated people who have taught at local studios and music stores that can’t play their instrument at a basic level or read music!

But just because someone can play their instrument doesn’t mean they’re going to be a great teacher...

Excellent at Teaching

An Oregon Music Academy certified teacher must have an appropriate level of music knowledge and skills. But being an excellent musician isn’t enough.

We’re looking for that rare person who can clearly explain complex musical concepts so that a beginner can understand.  Potential teachers are invited back to Oregon Music Academy to teach a lesson. Our team evaluates their lesson along with feedback from the music student and staff to determine the teacher’s strengths and weaknesses.

Caring & Encouraging

Simply put, they have the heart for teaching... and it shows! When you see what parents have to say about our teachers some common themes are: 

Patient - Caring - Encouraging - Inspiring - Kind - Helpful - Friendly - Nurturing - Approachable - Inviting - Positive

If you're looking for a great music teacher in the Portland Metro area, why not give Oregon Music Academy a try?

Professional Commitment

OMA is unique in that we don’t stop after the hiring process. All of our teachers are committed to ongoing professional development. This includes an intensive orientation and training period in the OMA Way of teaching music. Lead teachers frequently meet with their reporting music teachers to make sure our entire team is collaborating to give you the best learning experience.


Safety Check

Your child’s safety is important and at Oregon Music Academy, safeguarding your family is our top priority. That’s why we conduct full reference reviews and background checks on every one of our music teachers and staff. When music stores or smaller studios neglect this important step, it adds an unnecessary element of risk to your child’s music experience. Your family is protected from this risk by the background check step in our hiring process.

The Perfect Fit

Potential music teachers are evaluated on their professionalism, personality fit with students and their colleagues, and alignment with the philosophy and mission of Oregon Music Academy. This ensures that there is consistency among our teaching staff and that we know enough about our staff to place you with the teacher that’s the perfect fit for your level and goals.

Are you ready to find a music teacher that's a great fit for you?
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