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Music lesson and music teacher blog by the Oregon Music Academy. OMA provides private and group music instruction in Portland and the surrounding areas of Tigard, Beaverton, Tualatin, and Sherwood.

The Only Advice You Need to Get Started with Practicing Music

Practicing a musical instrument can be an overwhelming thing for kids and parents. One of the biggest questions/concerns from parents of kids getting started with music classes or private lessons is: Will my kid practice? And what should I do if I encounter resistance from my kid to practicing? These are legitimate concerns. After all, …

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We Are OMA

Wow! What an awesome recital weekend! It’s such a thrill to hear so much music in one day and to see the progress our students are making over the long term. You have so much to be proud of. We’ll be sharing more recital photos on the Oregon Music Academy Facebook page soon. If you …

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“I Love Recitals!” Raising a Confident Performer

How does your child feel about performing?  Is she a “natural” on stage,  loving the limelight and attention?  Or is she quiet and more reserved?  I remember my first recital: I was one of those quiet children, and I remember feeling  anxious at the prospect of performing.  Over time–and with experience–I learned to cope with …

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Own The Outcome

One of the most powerful concepts we can teach our kids is that they have influence over the events of their life. This isn’t so say that everything will always go the way they want. After all, “influence” is different than “control”. We can’t control our lives and the world around us. But we can …

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