Guitar Lessons in Lake Oswego

You will find the best guitar lessons in Lake Oswego, Oregon here at the Oregon Music Academy. We work with students ages 5 through adult. No matter what genre or style of music you would like the play, you’ll find this is the best place to start. Our guitar teachers are kind, helpful, and professional and are ready to help you get started in your journey of learning guitar. If you need to purchase or rent an instrument, we can make recommendations on what you should look for. Find local guitar lessons in Lake Oswego and the surrounding are with Oregon Music Academy. Learn more and get started now.

When you are a guitar student at Oregon Music Academy, you come away with learning how to read music. If you are able to read music notation, you are a step ahead because you have a solid foundation in musical knowledge. You’ll be able to communicate with other players better and learn things on your own more quickly.

Lake Oswego Guitar Teachers

There are many guitar teachers in the Lake Oswego area and their abilities and people skills vary a great deal. Only at the Oregon Music Academy will you find instructors that are screened and certified. Families rave about the excellent people that we hire. Not only is your teacher an awesome guitarist, they are trained in the field of music education by the Oregon Music Academy. While other guitar lesson companies hire anyone, we hire only the best. If you’re looking for guitar lessons in Lake Oswego, your search is over. Contact us and learn more.