Guitar Lessons in Beaverton

Getting started with guitar lessons in Beaverton is easy with Oregon Music Academy. At OMA, you’ll find certified guitar teachers that are patient and encouraging… just what beginning guitar students need to build a solid foundation while keeping learning fun. No matter your level, we’ll make sure that you find guitar lessons in Beaverton that work for you. If you have any questions, let us know. We’re eager and ready to help you get started playing the guitar. Here are a few of the questions that new students have when they’re new to guitar lessons:

What age is best to begin guitar lessons?

The age to start guitar lessons in the Beaverton area depends on a number of factors. Unfortunately, most guitar teachers will give you one of two responses. Either they will state an arbitrary number or they’ll just start your child regardless of whether or not they are ready. You deserve guitar classes that are more intentional than that. We can help. Click here to get started.

Which guitar should I choose?

There are three main instruments you can choose for your guitar lessons in Beaverton: acoustic, electric, and classical. For some young beginning guitar students, classical guitars are easier on the fingers to get started. Electric guitars are great for teenagers. Acoustic guitars are good choice for a first guitar because they are played with or without the pick, you don’t need amplification, and it works for many different styles of music. We can help you choose a guitar that will work well for you.

How do I find a guitar teacher?

There are many guitarists out there and guitar teachers around Beaverton and Portland looking for work. But, you want to be really careful when choosing your guitar teacher. Performing guitar and teaching guitar lessons are not the same. You want to find a guitar instructor that has had training to be a teacher. To learn more about our certified music teachers, contact us and schedule a trial lesson.

What will I learn in my guitar classes?

What you learn in your guitar lessons in Beaverton will depend on your own unique starting point. The way to determine which guitar program would be right for you is to contact us.

Guitar Lessons Beyond Beaverton

We can also help you find guitar lessons in the areas surrounding Beaverton. We offer guitar lessons in Tigard, Portland, and Sherwood and the surrounding areas.