Private Piano Lessons

Have you ever wished you knew how to play piano?  Oregon Music Academy is a great place to take group piano classes or private piano lessons.  The piano keyboard is one of the most accessible and diverse instruments to learn.  If you take regular piano classes with a patient piano teacher, the sky is the limit with how far you can go. Private piano lessons are also a good choice if you are needing more individual attention or would like to progress faster. Beginning piano students start with the basics: note reading, good rhythm, and proper playing position.

If you are an intermediate or advanced piano player, you might want to start playing different styles such as pop, rock, blues, or jazz. Before you decide to start lessons, be sure to contact us. We can help place you with a teacher in a program that’s a good fit for you. Learn more about our piano lessons in the Portland, Oregon area

Portland Area Piano Lessons

Buying a Piano or Keyboard

Buying an expensive upright piano is not necessary until you’ve been playing for a number of years and reach upper levels of piano lessons. If you do not yet have a piano, all you need to get started with piano classes is a small, touch sensitive keyboard.  We can recommend some brands and models of keyboards to consider for purchase for as low as $130. Or you can rent a piano from a local music store. Let us know if you need some helpful advice. We’re always happy to help.

How to Begin Playing Piano

No matter what level you are, our age appropriate piano programs will guide you toward reaching your goals.  Our certified private piano teachers are ready to help you get started.  The first step in starting piano lessons is to contact us.