Private Cello Lessons

You’re off to a great start with cello lessons at Oregon Music Academy. We can help beginning cello students build a strong foundation.  We show you everything you need to know: from holding your bow properly, how to position your bow on the string, and most importantly how to create a clean sound on your cello.  We show you left hand technique, how to press the string down to produce a note, and more advanced techniques like vibrato.

Private Cello Teachers

Our excellent cello teachers will guide you from very beginning cello study to intermediate and advanced levels.  Your certified instructor is patient, professional, and ready to help you from whatever starting point you are at right now.  Not only will you learn everything specific to playing the cello, but will come away with a good foundation of music such as note reading, rhythm, and ear training.

Portland Area Cello Lessons

Our unique cello lesson curriculum provides a variety of musical styles and genres.  Whether you are an adult that wants to start playing the Bach Cello Suites or have a 5 year old child that has expressed an interest, our age appropriate, easy to learn cello lesson plans will help you succeed.

If you have questions about our cello teachers or cello lesson program, please fill out the form to the right and we’ll follow up right away. We want to make sure our cello program is a good fit for you. If you’re ready to get started you can contact us now.