Guitar Lessons in Tualatin, Oregon

The Oregon Music Academy provides a convenient location if you’re looking for guitar lessons in Tualatin, Oregon. We’re located Northwest of Tualatin off of Durham Rd – quick drive away. We enroll students ages 5 through adult. We teach many different styles, genres, and skill levels. Our guitar teachers are enthusiastic, professional, and patient. If you don’t yet have an instrument and you need some help finding one, we can guide you through what to look for in renting or purchasing guitar. Lessons near Tualatin are easy to find, once you know where to look. Luckily you’ve found the perfect place to get started.

At Oregon Music Academy, guitar students learn how to read music. Students that have the ability to read music come away with better overall music skills. They are able to play with other musicians more easily because they have a broader understanding of music. Of course chords and reading tab are also an important part of being a well rounded guitarist and we can help with those skills as well.

Tualatin Guitar Teachers

When researching guitar teachers in the Tualatin area, there are instructors with various levels of playing ability and teaching ability. The majority of guitarists advertising lessons have never received real training on how to be a teacher. With the Oregon Music Academy, you are guaranteed to have a teacher that is certified. Find a great teacher and get started with guitar lessons in Tualatin.