Newberg Music Lessons

The Oregon Music Academy provides the best music lessons in the Newberg area. Just a short drive from Newberg, you’ll find a caring staff and excellent programs. Whether you are a complete beginner or have had some prior experience in music, Oregon Music Academy is the best place to start. We’ll cover your areas of strength, areas we could help you improve, and set realistic, achievable goals.  We’ll also look at scheduling options and placement with a teacher that will work well with you.

The Best Music Teachers

When you choose Oregon Music Academy, you are choosing excellence in education.  No other music school puts nearly as much attention, care, and resources into finding, selecting, and developing their teachers.  Musicians that are “university trained” do not receive teacher training in college.  Other music studios that have “certified teachers” simply cross their fingers when they hire a teacher, and hope that they know what they are doing.  And then there is little to no oversight after the teacher is hired to determine how they are working with students.  To meet this need, the Oregon Music Academy has developed it’s own proprietary hiring and training process to guarantee that every family has a competent, professional, patient, and caring teacher. And because of this attention to detail, time and time again parents have been delighted to find that we have the best teachers in the state of Oregon.

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