Lake Oswego Music Lessons

Oregon Music Academy offers music lessons in Lake Oswego to students of all ages. Our team of certified music teachers are dedicated to providing positive and patient instruction in a professional atmosphere. We screen hundreds of applicants and hire only the best music teachers.

My name’s Todd Kindorf. I have two boys, Adam and Jonathan.

Adam plays the piano and has played guitar as well. Jonathan has played the drums for little bit of time. And I have for about the last year, started to learn how to play the guitar.

We moved up here from California about five years ago and my oldest boy Adam was entering first grade and it was really my wife that was interested in getting him into piano lessons. She researched on the internet and looked at a bunch of different places and to I’ll be honest I’m not exactly sure what caught her attention with Oregon Music Academy, but she was very interested and we came out, interviewed and got started and we’ve been very happy ever since.

His self confidence has really grown. He’s really taken to the piano. It’s something he enjoys. There’s a part of him that clearly enjoys showing off. He’s never bashful about, “Adam will you play us a song?”. He will sit right down and play it, have a big smile on his face, and he loves to bow after it’s all over and done. His mom will video tape him and put him on YouTube so all of his family members can see him. I think it’s just really wonderful for his self confidence. He’s very musically orriented. It’s just something that really clicks with him.

I think Matt and Renee, I believe, have done a beautiful job just keeping a wonderful environment here. It’s a very family oriented environment, in my opinion. I think all the teachers are wonderful. I’ve had the opportunity to see a number of them and it’s been fun. My oldest son Adam has just really flourished. I think he’s enjoyed it. It has been an easy process for us to keep him going and feel like our investment has paid off – that he’s getting everything he can possibly get out of it.

I have recommended OMA to other parents and the reason is again, it’s just something I’ve been very happy with. We have felt very good that the money we have spent has been well returned. I love the environment here. I think all of the teachers make the kids very comfortable. And it’s not a chore. I know when I grew up and I took piano lessons, I took piano lessons from the lady down the street and it was a chore. It was not something I really enjoyed. It was a constant battle between my parents and I to practice. I think I was making progress but there was a battle there and I’ve never felt that battle with my oldest son Adam. He wants to practice and I think the environment that’s been created for him is one that he’s doing this for him – he’s not doing this for us.

Lake Oswego Music Teachers

Our staff is an elite group of musicians hand-picked based on not only their musical ability but their ability to teach music lessons. Not all good musicians make good music teachers. As a parent, it’s nearly impossible to measure a musician’s aptitude to teach. We specialize in identifying great music teachers. Contact us to see if the Oregon Music Academy is right for you.

Beginning Lessons in Lake Oswego

OMA is not like other “music studios” that are more concerned about renting practice space to musicians, selling you an instrument or getting you signed up to music lessons right away. You’ll experience our unique approach to music education from the very first day. Our process starts by getting a true sense of what will best serve the student. We’ll identify any potential challenges a student may have right off the bat and develop a strategy to overcome these challenges so your child can meet their goals.

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