Portland Music Lessons

Finding music lessons in Portland can be difficult. There are many options out there but not all Portland music lessons are the same. The wrong decision now can start you or your child on the wrong foot. The Oregon Music Academy understands this and offers a comprehensive approach to teaching guitar, drums, strings, voice, keyboard and piano lessons in the Portland area. Our team of certified music teachers provide a truly inspiring musical experience for all of our students.

Music Lessons in Portland

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Music Teachers in Portland

Looking to find the right music teacher in Portland? It’s not just about finding a music instructor, it’s about choosing a team that will surround you and your child to help them succeed. Our staff of trained musicians and educators have a vested interest in your child’s success and are ready to develop these musical skills. Unlike “music studios” in the Portland area that act as temporary rental space for musicians, “schools” that teach your child to play one tune for a gig but your child comes away with no foundational music skills, private music teachers that are more concerned about their gig on the weekend than the student in front of them, or unreliable, sketchy Craigslisters offering music lessons on the side, here at OMA our professional music team specializes in helping our students learn, love, and succeed in their life-long love of music.

We can help you discover music and start music lessons in the Portland area. Let’s get you connected with one of our certified music teachers. You can click here to contact us.

Discover Music in Portland

Did you know that Portland Oregon offers one of the most diverse music scenes on the West Coast? In addition to Portland’s long tradition of rock legends we also have a cultured side featuring live symphony orchestras, broadway hits and of course the ballet. If you are a string lover the Portland Cello Project is one act you’ll want to be sure you don’t miss. Our staff at the Oregon Music Academy continuously searches out the best opportunities to experience live music performance and incorporates these events into our overall Portland music lesson curriculum.