Private Voice Lessons

Taking group voice classes or private voice lessons is the best way to learn how to sing and improve your own, unique voice.  Our certified voice teachers make the learning process enjoyable and safe.  Our voice classes are designed for beginners who have never sung as well as more advanced singers who have prior experience and want to hone their skills.  Whether you are wanting to start singing in a choir or wanting to sing purely for personal enjoyment and fulfillment, voice lessons at Oregon Music Academy will guide you toward the goal you want to achieve.

We’ll make sure we’re on the same page. We’ll get a better idea about your goals and your current level and we’ll help map out a path of study for you. Contacting us is the first step.

Portland Area Voice Lessons

Voice Teachers and Curriculum

Our voice lesson curriculum includes a variety of styles to choose from such as folk, popular, opera, country, worship music, and much much more.  Your voice lessons will include vocal warm-ups,  breathing exercises, and songs that will expand your range, strengthen your voice, and build technique.  Our certified voice teachers ensure that the health of your voice and singing properly is top priority. Like practicing an instrument, practicing voice is important to do at home each week.  At the end of each lesson, your voice teacher will give you tips, exercises, and songs to practice at home. With our age appropriate voice lessons, you will be able to accomplish your unique goals and develop your gifts.

Get started with singing lessons to discover your true voice. Contact us to take the next step.

Portland Area Voice Lessons