Music Classes for Preschoolers

Let’s make music together at Oregon Music Academy! Kids and parents love our Mini Musicians program. These preschool music classes offer a fun and engaging environment for toddlers and preschool aged children to explore music. We have combined aspects of the most trusted music education methods to create a truly unique, engaging, and complete curriculum. Each themed month includes a variety of activity-packed classes to accommodate various learning styles. Join us for these fun pre-K music classes in our Tigard, Oregon location. In each class, students will:

  • Discover their singing voices
  • Learn how to match pitch with their voice
  • Listen to a variety of sounds
  • Play musical instruments
  • Learn how to keep a steady beat
  • Respond to a variety of rhythms
  • Start reading music (basic recognition of signs and symbols)
  • Move and dance to music
  • Participate in a variety of activities and games
  • Love music for a lifetime!
  • Sample Themes

    Around the World

    Get your passport ready… We are taking a trip around the world!  Explore music from seven different countries!  Learn new languages and explore the cultures of America, Mexico, Africa, Japan, Russia, France, and Ireland. 

    Carnival of the Animals

    Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!  We will be exploring the incredible sounds of animals and the instruments that mimic them.  Lots of songs, games, and hands on activities make this a popular class.


    Did you know that there are 35,000 kinds of ants in the world?  Or that butterflies taste with their feet?!  Explore the amazing world of bugs!  Join us as we sing, dance, and move to music about our favorite bugs.

    Ready to Get Started?
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