Piano Lessons in Beaverton

The Oregon Music Academy offers piano lessons in Beaverton, Oregon. Parents often ask what age is appropriate to start piano lessons. Every child is different in their readiness to start lessons on the instrument of choice. Our OMA team can help you determine if they are ready to start. We have had students as young as 2 and a half through adults in the Beaverton area. Our piano teachers can help you no matter what starting point you are beginning from. If you’re ready to learn more about our piano lessons in the Beaverton area, click here to get started.

Piano students in Beaverton will learn a wide range of skills including note reading, ear training, and proper playing position. We coach students who are in a variety of skill levels and who have interest in a number of different styles. No matter if you are interested in learning popular music, learning to play for church services, or learning for just your own enjoyment, we can help you excel and grow in your studies.

Piano Teachers in Beaverton

Piano is a popular instrument to teach. There are many options of piano teachers in the Beaverton, OR area. If this is your first experience with piano lessons, it’s very important to find a school where your first music experience will be a memorable and outstanding one. At the Oregon Music Academy, you will find piano teachers that are certified, kind, patient and ready to make your first experience in music a most enjoyable one. If you’re ready to get started with piano lessons in Beaverton, click here to get started.