Piano Lessons in Portland

We offer piano lessons in Portland, Oregon. You might be wondering what the best age is to start music lessons. There’s no one single age level that’s best. We’ll help you determine your own level of readiness to start piano lessons. Our team here at Oregon Music Academy can help determine that if you’re ready. Our youngest student in the Portland area is two and a half, so it’s never too early (or late) to get started. Our piano teachers are ready to help you begin your journey of making music on the piano.

In piano lessons, students learn skills including proper playing position, note reading, and ear training. We help students who are at different skill levels and who are interested in different musical styles. We can help you learn jazz, worship, popular music, and more.

Piano Teachers in Portland

There are many piano teachers in the Portland area. If this is your first time taking piano lessons, you should find a school where you will be supported and encouraged during your first music experience. Oregon Music Academy was created to do that. Our piano teachers are certified, professional, patient and eager to help you enjoy music for a lifetime. To connect with one of our instructors and start piano lessons, contact us or request more information.