Piano Lessons in Sherwood, Oregon

The Oregon Music Academy provides piano lessons in Sherwood, Oregon. If you are wondering what’s an appropriate age to start piano lessons, your Program Advisor at Oregon Music Academy will be able to help. When you come in for your assessment, we’ll determine if your child is ready for lessons. We have students that are two and a half through adults. Our piano teachers are eager to start helping you make music. Ready to learn more about piano lessons in Sherwood? Get started here.

Piano students at the Oregon Music Academy learn skills such as good rhythm, ear training, proper playing position, and note reading. We work with students of all skill levels and interests. Our students are learning traditional, classical, popular, worship music, and more.

If you are researching piano teachers in Sherwood or the surrounding area, you’ll want to do your homework carefully. You’ll want to be sure your teacher is certified and has had a thorough background check. Our piano teachers are excited to work with you and help you get started on a path that will keep you going long term. Contact us at our music studio close to Sherwood. Take the next step toward learning to play the piano.