Top 5 Favorite Holiday Music Books

One way you can help motivate your child to practice during the holidays is to encourage them to learn and play some holiday music for you at home. This is our top 5 list of favorite holiday music collections that we have come across over the years.

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1. Christmas Kaleidoscope Books 1 & 2 for Strings

We love, love, love this series for string players! You can play the “A” line as a solo or grab a group of friends and play the other lines to make a full string ensemble. Book 1 is good for beginners. If your child has been playing for a couple of years, they will find Book 2 to be more at their level.

Violin Book 1
Viola Book 1
Cello Book 1
Bass Book 1

Violin Book 2
Viola Book 2
Cello Book 2
Bass Book 2

2. Easy Pop Christmas Melodies for Guitar

We like how this book goes so nicely with the Hal Leonard Guitar method books. And there is such a variety of tunes!

Easy Pop Christmas Melodies for Guitar

3. Piano Adventures Christmas Books

These books are such a great supplement to Nancy & Randall Faber’s Piano Adventures method books. There is one for every level, so no matter what book your child is working on, there is a holiday book to match it!

Young Beginner Level A Christmas Book
Young Beginner Level B Christmas Book
Young Beginner Level C Christmas Book
Primer Level Christmas Book
Level 1 Christmas Book
Level 2A Christmas Book
Level 2B Christmas Book
Level 3A Christmas Book
Level 3B Christmas Book
Level 4 Christmas Book
Level 5 Christmas Book

4. 21 Easy Ukulele Songs for Christmas

We like this one because you can either sing the song and strum the chords or you can just play the melody. They are ordered from easiest to most challenging and there are diagrams and pictures for each new chord.

21 Easy Ukulele Songs for Christmas

5. The Easy Christmas Songs Fake Book

This one is great to have around if you are a singer, piano player, guitar player, or ukulele player. There are over 100 songs, all in the easy key of C.

The Easy Christmas Songs Fake Book

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