We Are OMA

Wow! What an awesome recital weekend! It’s such a thrill to hear so much music in one day and to see the progress our students are making over the long term. You have so much to be proud of.

We’ll be sharing more recital photos on the Oregon Music Academy Facebook page soon. If you have any good pics from this weekend, we’d love to see them and share them. Feel free to post them on FB or send them via email.

I love our recitals because they give us a special opportunity to be in one place at one time as a community. During the dozen or so years I’ve participated in OMA recitals, I’ve  always seen an outpouring of positive support and encouragement from our community regardless of the level of the student.

Our theme this month is We Are OMA. It’s a shift from the last three months where we focused on our own personal approach to work, life, and play. You can Embrace The Challenge, Better Your Best, and Own The Outcome as an individual and you’re likely to attain a high level of success. But true fulfillment and even greater success follows when we join together, support each other, and celebrate our successes as a community.

You are OMA. I am OMA. We are OMA. In our culture we often credit the star player and emphasize individual contribution without recognizing that nothing great happens without the cooperation of a team. We have outstanding teachers at OMA, but they couldn’t do what they do without the efforts of our support staff. Our students put in the practice time, but wouldn’t have an instrument or opportunity to take lessons without the support of their families. And of course, our team at OMA couldn’t do what it does without our students. The slogan “We Are OMA” is there to remind us that even though we each make an individual commitment and contribution, we’re part of something bigger than ourselves and it exists because of the commitment and contribution of all of us.

Thanks for making OMA so special!

Matthew Dolphin
CEO Oregon Music ACademy