Voice Lessons in Beaverton

Voice lessons in the Beaverton area are now available to help you learn how to sing. Even if you always wanted to sing, but didn’t think you could, our voice teachers can help. Voice lessons at Oregon Music Academy can also help students who already sing, but want to improve. We specialize in singing lessons for beginners and our voice instructors know how to help you develop your singing technique in a safe and healthy way. We also want to make sure that learning to sing and make music is fun and enjoyable.

Getting to your voice lessons from Beaverton, OR couldn’t be easier. We’re located on the South side of Beaverton.

We select only the best singing teachers to teach voice lessons in Beaverton and the surrounding area. Typically your singing lessons will start with proper vocal warm ups. Our voice teachers also introduce singing techniques and vocal exercises that will strengthen and free your voice. In your one-on-one voice lessons you’ll have a better chance of understanding all of theses concepts presented to you than you would in a choir or group singing class.

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