Voice Lessons in Tualatin

When you’re looking for voice lessons in Tualatin, it helps to know that the state’s leading music academy is right in your backyard. The Oregon Music Academy is conveniently located for voice students that live in Tualatin, Oregon. We’re located Northwest of Tualatin off of Durham Rd. Getting to your voice lessons from Tualatin is an quick drive away.

When you arrive for your first voice lesson, our music studio staff will give you a warm welcome and make sure that your singing lessons run smoothly. Our Tualatin voice teachers are here to help you learn and enjoy music. Each of our singing teachers is a professionally trained voice instructor with the background to help you develop your voice in a safe and healthy manner.

Singing lessons usually start with a few vocal warm-ups and then proceed to learning specific vocal techniques and songs. Whether you’re interested in singing classical, opera, Broadway, or pop, our vocal coaches have the expertise to help you reach your full potential as a singer. When you’re ready to get started and learn more about voice lessons in the Tualatin area, simply contact us. We’re always eager to help new music students connect with a great voice teacher.

Voice Lessons near Tualatin