Upright Bass Lessons in Tigard

So you’ve chosen the big daddy of instruments- the double bass! Upright string bass lessons in Tigard, Oregon are customized to fit your needs.  The Oregon Music Academy is the place to go, no matter what style of music you want to play: classical, bluegrass, jazz, etc.  Our upright bass teachers are fun, patient, friendly, and professional.  Upright bass students will need their own instrument (and a vehicle to transport it)!  We can recommend some local music stores that provide instrument rentals. The next step is to connect with us.

Here is what students enrolled in private upright bass lessons at our Tigard Oregon location learn:

  • Plucking the strings
  • Using the bow
  • Note reading
  • Keeping a steady beat for the band
  • Playing in community or school orchestra
  • Exploring many musical styles
  • And more

Popular Lessons in the Tigard Area