Singing Lessons in Tigard

If you’re looking for singing lessons in Tigard, here are a few things to consider… Singing is one of the oldest and most natural ways to express yourself musically.  Voice is an instrument that you do not need to purchase – you carry it with you everywhere you go!  Anyone that can speak can take singing lessons and learn how to sing.  While modern television shows such as American Idol that feature people singing may be entertaining to watch, it trains the average person to believe that you either “have it or you don’t” and you shouldn’t even try to sing if you aren’t as good as the singers chosen. That’s a big mistake! Don’t be fooled…

You really can sing! But typical singing lessons in the educational world today can be overwhelming and frustrating.  Many voice teachers try to push classical music study onto students that have no interest in singing that style of music.  We provide singing lessons in Tigard for children or adults who:

  • love to sing, sing all the time, and want to do more of it
  • want to sing but don’t think they can
  • already sing but have hit a plateau and want to improve
  • would like a creative way of expressing themselves
  • would like to perform more on stage
  • improve their ability to speak or sing with confidence in public
  • would like to overcome stage fright

Beginning Singing Lessons

We can help you get started with singing lessons at our Tigard music academy. It doesn’t matter if you’re shy and have never sung before or ready to jump on stage. One of our patient singing instructors is sure to be a great fit for you. We’ll help get you off to a great start by understanding your current skill level and your goals. Click here to get started..

Popular Lessons in the Tigard Area