Portland Music Lessons Review

The following is a video review of music lessons by a Portland, Oregon mom. Candice Briggs talks about how piano lessons have had a positive impact on her son. Learn why Oregon Music Academy is the best place to start music lessons by watching her Portland music lessons review below:

Video Transcript

My name is Candice Briggs and my son Aidan is six years old and he’s a student at Oregon Music Academy. Aidan has gained the ability to focus on a task and complete it. He’s six now. It’s amazing to see a six year old be able to just sit down and say, now I’m going to practice, I can do this, I’m going to play this song.

I think music is important for kids to learn because it gives them another opportunity. It creates another element of a child’s personality, another outlet for creativity and I think that’s really important. Some students are great readers, some are great writers, some are great at math, some are great at sports, but this gives another layer to a child, another thing they can do well and that they can show as a piece of themselves. And that creativity, that creative outlet is priceless.

I would recommend OMA to others and I have recommended it to some of my friends with younger children because Aidan has gained so much confidence, he is practicing at home every week, and he’s proud to show what he’s learned when he comes back on Monday’s for his lesson.

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