Sherwood Music Lessons Review

Laurie Marsh of Sherwood, Oregon shares why she thinks Oregon Music Academy is a great place for beginning music lessons in this video review.

Laurie is a mom of two marvelous daughters that play violin and viola. Laurie also takes piano lessons at Oregon Music Academy. Her husband, Jim sings and plays drums in their church worship group. The Marshes are definitely a musical bunch! One of the mottos their family has taken on is, “Marshes are Musical”. We’ve been blessed to to be a part of their music and their family. And it’s been a thrill to watch two little girls grow up to be charming young ladies.

Laurie talks about the “immeasurable skills” her daughters learned while at OMA and she describes how music helped to teach the values of discipline, commitment, and perseverance to her kids. Learn more about music lessons in Sherwood, Oregon.

“My children have gained immeasurable skills from their time at OMA”

Laurie Marsh,
Sherwood, Oregon Mom

Video Transcript

My children have gained immeasurable skills from their time here at OMA. I keep coming back to OMA because it is a very encouraging, nurturing environment. I’ve actually recommended OMA to multiple people because it is a great beginning environment for students. There’s a lot of different teachers with a variety of skills and personalities to fit your child or you as an adult. And I love the teachers and the people here and the encouragement that they give.

My name is Laurie Marsh and I have two daughters that play the viola and violin and I play the piano and my husband has taken lessons here on drums.