Review of Lake Oswego Piano Teachers

In this video Todd Kindorf from Lake Oswego, Oregon shares a review of the piano teachers and guitar teachers at Oregon Music Academy. You can learn more about Oregon Music Academy’s piano teachers in Lake Oswego here or guitar teachers in Lake Oswego here.

“It has been an easy process for us to keep him going
and feel like our investment has paid off.”

Todd Kindorf,
Lake Oswego Parent of Piano Student

Starting Piano Lessons in Lake Oswego

Todd’s son, Adam, has been taking piano lessons at Oregon Music Academy for five years. Adam got his start with music by taking beginning guitar lessons at OMA. From there he switched to playing piano and is quickly becoming an accomplished young pianist. Todd has even joined in the fun, taking guitar lessons on the same day Adam takes music lessons with his piano teacher. They both travel from Lake Oswego each week to our location south of Portland near Tigard and Tualatin.

Find Piano Teachers in Lake Oswego

Oregon Music Academy offers music lessons near Lake Oswego in a wide variety of musical instruments. Get your start with piano lessons in the Lake Oswego area now.

Review Transcript: Piano Teachers in Lake Oswego

My name’s Todd Kindorf. I have two boys, Adam and Jonathan. Adam has been playing piano here for about five years now and actually played guitar for a couple of years.

I love the environment here. I think all of the teachers make the kids very comfortable. And it’s not a chore. I know when I grew up and I took piano lessons, I took piano lessons from the lady down the street and it was a chore. It was not something I really enjoyed. It was a constant battle between my parents and I to practice. I think I was making progress but there was a battle there and I’ve never felt that battle with my oldest son Adam. He wants to practice and I think the environment that’s been created for him is one that he’s doing this for him – he’s not doing this for us.

I think Matt and Renee, I believe, have done a beautiful job just keeping a wonderful environment here. It’s a very family oriented environment, in my opinion. I think all the teachers are wonderful. I’ve had the opportunity to see a number of them and it’s been fun. My oldest son Adam has just really flourished. I think he’s enjoyed it. It has been an easy process for us to keep him going and feel like our investment has paid off – that he’s getting everything he can possibly get out of it.