Lake Oswego Piano Lessons Review

We just uploaded a new video of a parent talking about his son’s experience with music lessons in the Lake Oswego area.

You can view the video here:
VIDEO: Lake Oswego Piano Teachers & Piano Lessons Reviewed

A full transcript of the video and some additional details are on the video page. But here are a few of the highlights:

“All the teachers make the kids feel comfortable.”

“Piano lessons aren’t a chore at OMA”

“It has been an easy process for us to keep him going
and feel like our investment has paid off.”

Todd Kindorf,
Lake Oswego Parent of Piano Student

Special thanks to Todd Kindorf of Lake Oswego for his glowing recommendation of the guitar and piano instructors at Oregon Music Academy. We appreciate the kind words. It’s been a pleasure getting to know your family over the years! We’re so proud of how far Adam has come with his piano playing.

If you’re looking for piano lessons in Lake Oswego or the surrounding Portland area, we would love to help your kids see the same success Todd’s son Adam has seen. We’re betting in a year or so we’ll hear you saying the same things about OMA that Todd says in his video. The best way to get a feel for why OMA is the best choice for getting started with piano lessons is to schedule a visit.