Drum Lessons in Sherwood

Let us help you find drum lessons in Sherwood. Drumming is about more than just banging wildly on a drum. The best drummers have solid technique, can read and play rhythms, and have developed the coordination needed to play multiple percussion instruments at the same time. It’s a tall order and at a certain point, many drum students struggle- especially if they’re trying to learn to play the drums on their own. Our Sherwood drum lessons can help you move past the plateau that most drummers face sooner or later. To get started with drum lessons in Sherwood, contact us for more info.

When you’re looking for drum teachers in Sherwood, it’s important to look for someone that’s more than just a drummer. Each of our percussion instructors is an encouraging mentor that will patiently coach you on the basic foundations of playing the drums. Drum lessons typically begin with learning the rudiments of drumming on a snare drum. You’ll learn to read and play rhythms. As you progress to more complex patterns you’ll graduate to play on the drum set. Every one of our drum teachers passes a rigorous screening process to ensure you’ll find success and enjoyment with your drum lessons.

The Oregon Music Academy is located North of Sherwood, Oregon. Your drum lessons are just a quick drive away. Contact us now and let us know you’re interested in Sherwood drum lessons at OMA.