Tigard Music Lessons Review

As a mom in the Tigard, Oregon area, Susan Haarmann has come to appreciate the convenience of Oregon Music Academy and the excellent customer service she experiences. She says we’ve made scheduling music lessons easy for this busy family. Watch Susan’s interview to see what she has to say about the music teachers, staff, and lessons at OMA.

“I think first and foremost, OMA does and excellent job of teaching music.”

Susan Haarmann,
Tigard, Oregon Mom

Video Transcript

I would recommend OMA to others and I have. Friends of ours, families that we know have brought their children here and have been very happy. We first heard about OMA from other parents whose children were taking lessons here and they spoke very highly of their experience here, so we decided to give it a try.

What I appreciated most when we first signed up was that they had a central office that we could deal with, very consistent staff (Renee and Matt have been wonderful), and we could do all of our coordinating with them.

We started with piano, but I knew we could try other instruments and other musical options if our children wanted to explore that.

I think first and foremost, OMA does and excellent job of teaching music. My children have learned how to read music. They’ve learned how to appreciate what it takes to be a musician. Whether they pursue that lifelong or not, I feel that’s something that’s very beneficial in being a well rounded person. And I think it’s been a very positive experience. OMA takes a very positive approach to their teaching style. They want to work with parents if parents are needing help or the student needs help or wants to take a a different approach. So those are some of the things I think we’ve really gained from coming here.

I keep coming back to OMA because I feel like they have very good customer service. They cater to a very busy family that’s trying to schedule and coordinate and make things work for their family and that they’re very willing to work with families to make that happen.

My name is Susan Haarmann and we’re a family of four. So it’s my husband Kurt and I and our two children. Tim, who is thirteen and my daughter Kate, who is ten, and she’s currently taking piano lessons here at OMA.