Practice Challenge Spring 2014

We’re focusing on the Core Value of Embrace The Challenge this month. Are you up to the challenge? Can you make regular practice a priority? Take the pledge and get started on March 10. You have 90 days to complete the challenge on June 7.

There are two ways to win:

1) Be the student that practices the most number of days. There’s a maximum of 90 days in the challenge. Can you practice every day for 90 days?

2) Be the student that practices the most minutes. If you’re practicing 5-10 minutes every day, can you do more? Can you practice 15-30 minutes a day? You can break up your practice into multiple short sessions during the day (e.g. two 10 minute sessions equals a total of 20 minutes).

In the event of a tie, all eligible students in each category will be entered into a drawing. Prizes will include: an ipod, amazon gift card, and more. Of course, the biggest win of all is the progress you’re sure to make if you Embrace The Challenge.

Challenge Instructions:

Visit the front desk and pick up your Practice Challenge Packet. Fill out the Practice Challenge Pledge. The challenge starts on March 10 and ends on June 7 for a maximum of 90 days. Enter a total number of minutes you’re committed to practicing for the entire challenge (e.g. 10 minutes X 90 days = 900 minutes). Sign your pledge and turn it into the front desk before March 10.

Write your name in the upper right corner of your Practice Challenge Cards.

Every day, write the number of minutes you practiced on your Practice Challenge Card.

At the end of the month: Add up the total number of days and minutes you practiced during the month and write it in the boxes at the bottom of the page. Ask your parent to sign the card. Turn in your Practice Challenge Card to the front desk at the end of each month.