The Music Question Game

The end of the summer is quickly approaching. It’s a busy time of year here at Oregon Music Academy with new students signing up for music lessons for the school year. It’s also a time when families try to squeeze in a last minute vacation. Do you have a long family road trip coming up around Oregon or beyond? Here’s a music-related game to keep the kids occupied during the trip:

How to Play

It’s a variation on the standard 20 questions game. Of course you can shorten it to 10, 7, or 5 questions depending on your child’s attention span and skill and knowledge level in music lessons.

  1. Tell your child that you are thinking about something musical. (an Instrument, song on the radio, a musical symbol, band/singer/songwriter, note names, … anything to do with music)
  2. Your kid gets to ask up to 10 questions to figure out the answer.
  3. Your kid gets to think of something musical thing & then you (or another family member gets to ask 10 questions).
  4. Play back and forth like this with all family members as much as you’d like!

Why We Like It

We like this game because the traditional 20 questions where the sky’s the limit can be frustrating and confusing for kids and parents alike. Limiting the scope and focusing in on one area of interest actually makes the game more fun for everyone.

Non-Musicians Can Play Too

Don’t worry if you’re not that musical. you kids can teach you a lot about music. Teaching you or their brother or sister is a great way for them to reinforce what they’re learning in piano lessons or guitar lessons, or any music lessons for that matter..

More Way to Help Your Kids with Music

If you’re going to miss lessons for a week or more, anything you can do as a parent to help your kids retain what they’re learning with their music teacher in lessons is beneficial. This is a great way to keep their musical minds active. Oregon Music Academy has a collection of other fun music games that can keep lessons and practicing music fun and engaging for your child. Let us know if you would like a few more ideas. We’re always happy to help.

Sign Up for Music Lessons

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