Lake Oswego Music Lessons Review

Review of Lake Oswego music lessons by Courtney Clements. Courtney is the mom of two music students at OMA. Her younger son takes piano lessons and her older son plays the violin and piano. She also takes piano lessons here! In this video review she explains why she chose to enroll her sons in music lessons and why she keeps coming back to OMA.

Video Transcript

My name is Courtney and I play the piano. My son Eric, my younger son, plays the piano and my older son Matthew plays the violin and the piano.

I absolutely would recommend OMA to others and actually have recommended OMA to friends.

About three years ago, I was looking for summer camp options for my kids and I like to introduce them to something new every summer. This just seemed like a good summer to introduce them to music. Eric at the time was five and Matthew was eight. We started on piano. I thought that would be the easiest instrument for them to pick up.

Some friends of ours were students here and recommended it highly so I signed the boys up and we’ve been here ever since.

I had taken music lessons as a child and hadn’t really followed through and I really regret that – not continuing with music. I wanted my boys to at least have exposure to it and I was hoping they would continue with it.

We’ve continued at Oregon Music Academy because my kids really enjoyed the teachers that they’ve had here and I really like the philosophy of the academy. It’s really about having fun with music and enjoying it and learning to love it. It’s a very stress-less situation and I really appreciate that.

The philosophy here is that we want the kids to learn to love music and to really enjoy playing. If they get really good at it, great, but the most important thing is for them to enjoy it and my children really have enjoyed it.