Violin Lessons in Tualatin

When you’re thinking about beginning violin lessons in Tualatin, it helps to know that the Oregon Music Academy is right in your backyard. We’re located just North of Tualatin, Oregon near Tigard High School – a short drive away for families looking to get started with one of our great violin teachers in the Tualatin area. Contact us to get started with Violin lessons in Tualatin.

All of our music teachers complete a rigorous screening process to ensure that your violin instructor has the musical skills as well as the temperament to teach violin lessons for kids as well as adults. It takes a special person to be a great teacher. That’s why we handpick only the best violin teachers in Tualatin to be a part of our music school. All of our instructors are especially good at patiently encouraging students through the challenges that some beginning violin students face when first starting off with violin lessons. To get started with violin lessons in the Tualatin area, contact us for more info.

Tualatin violin lessons start with learning how to take care of your violin and hold the instrument properly. We don’t follow a strict Suzuki violin method but we do incorporate many of the Suzuki materials and additional songs that students love. We believe it’s important for students to learn to read music. The ability to read and play music opens up a wide range of opportunities. We also believe that the process of learning how to play the violin should be enjoyable. Your violin teacher is here to celebrate your progress and success as well as stretch you to take your music to the next level. If you stick with it, you’ll be making beautiful music in no time. Contact us now about beginning violin lessons in Tualatin.