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Quotes and Testimonials

“Oregon Music Academy has been a wonderful experience for our family. We have enrolled our son in his first year of piano lessons and he loves going to the studio each week. The lessons are not only instructional, but fun for him as well. I would highly recommend the Oregon Music Academy to anyone that is looking for professional, quality and creative instruction.”
– Shelley Halleman

“Renee has a way of inspiring excellence and enjoyment of music without undue pressure. Her encouragement and care for our daughter has made music lessons a very positive part of her education.”
– Martha Minter

Our family has been taking classes from OMA since Fall of 2003.  I have two daughters that take violin and I am taking voice lessons.  Our classes at OMA are always fun & full of laughter, but we all have learned so much and thoroughly enjoy our instructors Renee and Matt.  The kids are able to learn their techniques and theory in a relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time, they play beautifully and accurately. Both girls have auditioned and played with the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra.  Our youngest, was one of the younger children to enter the first level of Metro Youth at 6!   We highly recommend the instruction at Oregon Music Academy and do so without reservation.
– Laurie Marsh

Alexis came home VERY excited about playing in the ensemble.  She loved the bigger sound of everyone playing.  And showed off the new songs to every one who would listen.  Thank you for expanding the OMA program.  It is such fun to share this with her and see her getting turned on to music.  It takes me back to my early music experiences.
– Andy Taylor

“Oregon Music Academy has created a wonderful learning environment for our daughter.  She is in her third year of lessons with OMA and continues to be enthusiastic about learning.  When we first contacted Renee to inquire about the program, her knowledge base and warm personality immediately put any apprehensions to rest.  We have continued to be impressed by the level of skill and professionalism shown by OMA instructors.  Our daughter has developed a true love, and respect, for music.  This is greatly because of the support and encouragement that she receives at her lessons.  Thank you OMA for bringing music into our home!”
– Mike and Margo Murphy

“Our daughter has been taking lessons (voice, piano and guitar) at the Oregon Music Academy for almost four years now.  We’ve had nothing but an excellent experience.  Matt and Renee are talented musicians who care deeply about their craft and passing it on to their students.  The passion and enthusiasm displayed by Matt, Renee and all the OMA instructors is contagious.  Our involvement with OMA has been both educational and rewarding.”
– Jim and Anita Cole

“Our daughter Corrie who is now 13 has been taking violin lessons from Renee Dolphin for the last four years.  When she started she had absolutely no experience with music.  Not only are we impressed with how she plays, but she loves it.  It has also given her the ability to enjoy all forms of music.  We have found that Renee is as patient as she is knowledgeable and with all of Corrie’s activities we have never had to drag her to her lessons; they are truly a source of enjoyment for her.”
– Denise Racanelli


Our family has known Renee and Matt Dolphin for over 7 years – Renee, initially, as the Orchestra Director at Twality Middle School.  We have always been supporters of music education and patrons of the Arts, and as such we have encouraged all of our children to both listen to and hopefully learn to play a musical instrument.  Not surprisingly they did, compliments of mom’s and dad’s encouragement and of our school district and Twality’s exceptionally strong choir, band and orchestra programs.  The strings seemed to become their instruments of choice.  Private lessons also seemed to be a good idea, to help complement our schools’ effort, especially during the summer months.  And, because Renee was such a “kid magnet” orchestra teacher at school, it was not surprising that Renee was our first choice for our kids for music lessons.  Violin, viola and cello lessons with Renee have now spread to voice lessons with Matt.

Our children love to go to the Oregon Music Academy (OMA) studio for lessons and to practice, and to be invited to perform at various public venues (an integral part of Renee’s and Matt’s music lesson strategy).   OMAs strengths, the essence of both Renee’s and Matt’s philosophies, combines basic musical skills, playing techniques and performing nuances, combined with sight reading and music theory, this all interwoven into general music education which makes ordinary music lessons from Renee and Matt more like a formal music curriculum for each child they teach.

All three of our children enjoy playing and singing.  Renee and Matt make this fun for all of them.  Plus, the experience Renee and Matt give each of their students to perform in front of a live audience has benefited them in terms of their overall confidence and poise, their school music expectations, and their performances in school plays and orchestra concerts.

All three of our kids really enjoy and look forward to being with Renee and Matt.  Our more formal “music lessons” relationship with the Dolphins has expanded into a wonderful personal, family relationship with both Renee and Matt.  They are simply two quite extraordinary and very talented individuals who make playing, performing and enjoying music part of life’s expectations and accomplishments.

Renee’s and Matt’s professional and personal contribution to the greater Tigard-Tualatin-Sherwood-Newberg Communities only makes our kids better and our communities stronger.  They are an asset to us all.

Barry Albertson, Parent and Member, Tigard-Tualatin School Board
Robin Leslie, Parent