Growing a Musical Family

It’s clear that Ted Wachsmuth is proud of his musical family. The entire family is in on the act. His daughter takes piano lessons, his son takes drums lessons, and Ted plays guitar. They’ve even turned some space in their house into a music room so they can gather together for impromptu family music making.

Ted told us, “It’s really cool to see how music is integrated into our family.” – It IS cool! But it’s no big surprise to us. We’ve seen music do amazing things. Sure, music can help kids develop life skills like focus, discipline, and creativity that will serve them well for their entire lives. But perhaps one of the most special things that music does is bring people together. You really see that with Ted’s family. If you’re ready to grow a musical family, contact us to get started today.

In this video: A dad shares how music has brought his family together. Watch this video to see how you can raise musical kids with music lessons at OMA.

“The kids really enjoy and have a smile on their face when they see their teachers”

Ted Wachsmuth,
Tigard, Oregon Dad

Video Transcript

My name’s Ted Wachsmuth and we are a musical family. We love to sing and we love to play music around the house. So we’ve actually turned one of our rooms into a music room. It just has all of our instruments in it so we can impromptu sing and play.

My daughter plays piano and my son is currently playing drums. I actually started out playing piano when I was a small child and then later got introduced to the guitar. Iplay mostly rhythm acoustic guitar. We love playing music around our house and the kids love impromptu performances. My daughter, even today, played her piano piece over the cell phone when I was giving here a call. It was really cool to see how music is integrated into our family.

We would definitely recommend OMA to our friends. We’ve already talked to a few of our friends that are looking into music lessons!

The kids really enjoy and have a smile on their face when they see their teachers. And I think that is probably the biggest selling point for us. I believe our experience at OMA is one that is very inviting. And I think both of our kids have enjoyed their teachers to the extent that they’ve made friendships with them and the staff here really makes a good effort to get to know the kids.

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